Elementary School Tour

As Miss Teen International I have some incredible opportunities, and visiting students at elementary schools is definitely one of them! During the week of my semester exams in December I got out of school early, so it was the perfect time to present at some schools. I started at Don Roberts Elementary, went to Fulbright Elementary the next day, and wrapped it up at Williams Magnet.

Everywhere I went I was welcomed with warm hugs and dozens of compliments. If you ever need a boost, put on a crown and walk into a kindergarten classroom, haha! I was asked if my crown is made of real diamonds and if I live in a castle, told how beautiful I was, and at any given moment had about 15 little ones grabbing for my hands to hold. One even said that it was the best day ever! It is so special being able to serve as a positive role model to some really sweet children!

group photo with kids

My presentation about healthy living is really fun! I start by reading a book titled “IQ Gets Fit.” It is about a mouse that is a class pet, and he wants to participate in the school’s Health Month and win the Student Fitness Challenge. It teaches about nutritious eating, physical activity, drinking plenty of water, and sleeping.

book reading 1 book reading 2

After that, we do an interactive lunch packing activity. I have two lunch boxes- the healthy and unhealthy one. I bring a variety of foods, and have the students tell me which lunchbox the foods should go in. This is a great way for kids to learn what is nutritious and what isn’t so they can help their family members pack their lunches.

lunch packing 1 lunch packing 2

Next I speak about the NFL and National Dairy Council’s Fuel Up to Play 60 Program, the resources it provides to schools, and the cool opportunities it offers. Then I introduce one of the “plays” from the “Playbook” (Get it? It’s like football!) This week we did the In Class Physical Activity Break play. We danced and exercised to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off! It was a blast.

dancing 1 dancing 2

basketball big circle hula hoops

A visit wouldn’t be complete without passing out autograph cards and a few photo ops! They were excited to have a signed picture of a “real-life princess!” 🙂

I highly recommend titleholders visit schools to promote her platform, no matter what cause you promote. It is a great time and a great way to spread awareness of your passion to a younger generation!


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